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Frog Castle
Season 1, Episode 49
Production Code: 125
Airdate: March 29, 2010
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Penguin Castle
Cheetah Castle II

Frog Castle is episode forty-nine of season one of Hero: 108.


First Squad must forego the the Do-Re-Mi Band's concert to face the frogs, only to start a musical showdown.

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of the Frogs.
  • When First Squad is battling the Frogs, Jumpy is seen jumping from obstacle to obstacle similar to the game Frogger.

Gallery Edit

FirstSquad TiedUp


  • Second appearance of Rattle Diva.
    • It is noted that Rattle formed a band with Giraffe King and Panda King.
  • The second time the bad guys took Mighty Ray's eyeballs.

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