Fox King
Basic Information
Species Fox
Affiliations Highroller, Big Green
Skills Military tactician, command of human language
Powers Ear blades
First Appearance Fox King and the Arachno Tanks
Hero 060
Voice Actor Christopher Gaze
Fox King is the Commander of the Spider king and his Arachno Tank army. High Roller forced him into attacking Big Green by threating to kill his family if he didn't destroy First Squad. Despite this, when officially introduced, he is shown to be extremely noble, as Lin Chung even called him a worthy opponent who should not be allied with the forces of Chaos.


Discipline, shrewd and tactical, he is also well-mannered and quite a gentleman to a high degree. Fox King is an honorable warrior and trained in solo or military combats, also showing respect to enemies when introducing himself before fighting. Despite this, he deeply cares for his children and beloved wife.


Fox King has the ability to to do close combat with his ears or he can use them as rapid spining blades. He can also speak the human language with a British accent.



  • Unlike most animal kings and queens, Fox King was apparently not one of the animals who believed High Rollers lies as High Roller had to resort to kidnapping his family and threating to kill them in order to force the Fox King into working for him.
  • Fox King is a Reference to World War 2 German general Erwin Rommel.
  • He and Lin Chung display honour toward one another, especially with both being commanders among their squads.
  • Fox King was voiced by Christopher Gaze.
  • Fox King is the second animal ruler to have a wife, the first being Cheetah King and his wife, Cheetah Queen.
  • Fox King is also fourth to have kids: First being Seagill King, Seahorse King (has not been seen, but his son is conformed), and Hamster King and his many childen.
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