Prince of Seagulls 122

The flying squirrels are a race of animal that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. They are ruled by Flying Squirrel King, but have no known castle.


The flying squirrels allied with HighRoller sometime prior to Prince of Seagulls, during the events of which they attacked a human village in a pine forest. First Squad, with the help of the king and prince of seagulls, managed to trap them in a hollow tree.

The flying squirrels again appeared in Enter the Dragon, this time working for the Commander of Darkness, they attacked Big Green, but were repelled by the air force.

In The Professionals, the flying squirrels were amongst the animal armies rallied by HighRoller in order to capture First Squad. When a pair of bounty hunters intervened, they lost their quarry, and were subsequently defeated by the duo. They later brought HighRoller and Lizard King onto the snake which the bounty hunters were using and freed First Squad. Flying Squirrel King later approached First Squad and joined Big Green.

Flying Squirrel King was amongst the 107 that united to form the Bronze Giant in The Bronze Giant Part II.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The flying squirrels are capable of flight and are quite agile. They are capable of carrying large numbers of acorns with them and firing them off of their flaps at will.


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