The flying fish are a race of animals living in Hidden Kingdom.  There are many of them, but none has yet been distinguished as a king or queen, nor has any castle of theirs appeared.


The flying fish were at some point in the past convinced by Twin Masters to work for him.  They subsequently attacked and overwhelmed First Squad, from whom they stole Mighty Ray's magic eyeballs, in The Eyes of Mighty Ray - Part I / The Eyes of Mighty Ray - Part II.  The eyeballs were safely brought to Twin Masters after a retreat.  The flying fish were again deployed when First Squad confronted Twin Masters atop Mt. Tima.  Though threatening initially, the fish were quickly fought back and were barely contending in the fight by its completion.

In Seahorse Temptation, the flying fish again batted First Squad, who drove them off thanks to the timely intervention of the seahorses.  Because the seahorses proved to be in league with Twin Masters, it is likely that this battle was staged so that the seahorses might gain First Squad's trust.


The flying fish are capable of flight, and do so with great speed and agility.  They seem to prefer to do their fighting from a vantage point near water.  When attacking en masse, they can create a veritable swarm.  Their jaws are very sharp.