Basic Information
Used by Panda King, Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray (Pandaffe Castle)

Flutes are a type of instrument played in Hidden Kingdom.


Flutes are made of hollow bamboo with three holes which may be covered by a player's fingers to alter the sound produced by blowing through them. A leafy twig is also present, though it unclear if it is functional or decorative.

When broken in a specific way, flutes produce a different sound, as demonstrated by Mystique Sonia in Snake Castle.


Panda King is especially noted for playing the flute. In Pandaffe Castle, he did so on several occasions. He has since joined the Do-Re-Mi Band and plays for Big Green. Also, in the same episode, Mighty Ray was seen playing a flute when he interrupted Rattle Diva's concert.

In Snake Castle, Panda King gave a flute to Mystique Sonia. She regarded the gift highly, but the flute was broken in a battle with the snakes. It could still be played, however, and was used to charm the snakes.

In Frog Castle, Panda King again played his flute with the Do-Re-Mi Band.

Mystique Sonia was intending to play her flute - evidently repaired or replaced since Snake Castle - at the Big Green talent show in Enter the Dragon.


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