This article is about the previous emperor. You may be looking for HighRoller.

The emperor was a being who reigned at East Citadel. HighRoller was his court jester, but, offending the emperor, was banished. HighRoller then grew to hate humans, and gained the ability to speak to animals when he was struck by lightning. Convincing the animals that humans were enemies, he overthrew the emperor and took his place. The fate of the emperor is currently unknown.


  • Virtually nothing is known about the emperor, as he has never appeared in the show and is only mentioned in HighRoller's online bio. His species was never specified, though he is thought to be human because his judgment led HighRoller to hate humans. His present condition is also unknown, though scenes set in East Citadel's dungeon suggest that he is not there.
  • It is also unknown exactly what he was emperor of. Some fans speculate that he was the emperor of all of Hidden Kingdom, but there is not actually evidence to confirm or deny this.
    • This matter further complicated by the speculation of some that East Citadel is Bear Castle.
      High Roller lghting fuse

      Kao Chao

  • In the Taiwanese promos, HighRoller, called Kao Chao, played a similar role himself, albeit referred to as a minister rather than an emperor, but fell from power when an arrow pierced his head, giving him the ability to speak to animals but rendering him unable to speak to humans.
  • A portrait of a human virtually identical to the emperor as he is depicted in the comic can be seen in the background of some shots of HighRoller's throne room.
    Former Emperor

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