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EgretOx Castle
Season 1, Episode 31
Oxegret Castle
Production Code: 116
Airdate: March 20, 2010
Director: Pongo Kuo and Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Octopus Castle
Firework Festival of East Citadel

EgretOx Castle is the thirty-first episode of season one of Hero: 108.


After trying to solve the problem that the humans near EgretOx Castle have, Apetrully gets imprisoned by Ox King and Egret Queen and First Squad have to rescue him.


Woo the Wise unveils his latest invention to First Squad: scientific Food Bricks.  However, First Squad deems them to inedible and revolting.  They instead beseech Mystique Sonia to grow them buns, which she does in order to show off that only she can make food.  Mighty Ray is quick to attempt to gobble them down, but is distracted by cake.  Not questioning its origins, he attempts to eat it, but it is revealed to be Jumpy's friends, the butterflies, playing tricks.  Jumpy scolds them when they trick Mighty Ray again.

Meanwhile, Commander ApeTrully approaches a human village in his helicopter, where he lands and makes contact.  He learns that the humans are being harassed by the egrets and oxen, who pelt balls of lead at them.  ApeTrully proposes that the humans simply not go so close to the egrets and oxen as to be vulnerable, but is told that it is not so easy.  ApeTrully soon learns for himself; he and the humans are entranced and sent scrambling toward the egrets and oxen by the smell of delicious fried rice.  But rather than get any rice, ApeTrully and the humans are targeted with lead cannonballs.

Determined to solve the problem, ApeTrully approaches EgretOx Castle with gold in tow.  He marvels at the efficiency with which the egrets and oxen grow food.  However, when he meets Ox King and Egret Queen, he learns that they are not interested and is imprisoned as a scarecrow.  As he laments his misfortune, he sees the terrible sight of locusts on the horizon and summons First Squad in terror.

First Squad deploys and comes to meet the egrets and oxen in battle.  They are taken by surprise by their foes' strength, however, and soon all but Lin Chung are trapped, being sat upon by oxen.  The egrets and oxen quickly change their focus, however, when locusts again mount an attack.  Struck by worry for the safety of the locusts, Jumpy manages to pry himself free of the ox trapping him and stands in front of the locusts to guard them.  He is then struck by a leaden cannonball from Ox King.

The locusts, impressed by Jumpy's sacrifice, come to his side, where he commands them that they must help grow food rather than steal it.  The locusts make peace with the egrets and oxen, and soon all are willing to be at peace with one another.  As the locusts begin to aid in farming, Ox King and Egret Queen agree to join Big Green as chefs.  First Squad is excited to have a replacement for Woo's food bricks, which they slingshot into space between and ox's horns.  The bricks are last seen being tried by a Cocky Alien, who also hates them.



  • First appearance of Egret Queen and Ox King


  • Lin Chung's eyes close incorrectly.


  • This is the second time Jumpy shows his connections with insects.



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