A dragon, with the Commander of Darkness

Dragons are a race of animals native to Hidden Kingdom.


The dragons living in the Caves of Taipetto were at some point discovered by the Commander of Darkness and his soldiers. The Commander of Darkness brewed a special concoction to control the dragons, and used them to attack Big Green, during which time he kidnapped Mystique Sonia. Big Green retaliated and sent First Squad and the Air Force, who faced off with the dragons in the air. Meanwhile, Sonia escaped her imprisonment and met Dragon Queen, from whom she learned to calm dragons with her flute. Dragon Queen then assisted in defeating the Commander of Darkness, who was forced to surrender.

Some dragons later became ill, and Commander ApeTrully and the air force came to heal them with a medicinal plant. During this time, a storm freed some rocks from the cave mouth, which crushed the air force planes. Dragon Queen responded by giving Big Green's heroes a ride home. While she was at Big Green base, she also helped to launch a rocket created by Woo the Wise in order to propel First Squad to an incoming asteroid summoned by Twin Masters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dragons are very large and strong. They are capable of flight, and, being capable of flying from Big Green to the Caves of Taipetto in the space of a single day, are very fast as well.


  • As of Pitched Battle of the Air Force, Woo the Wise did not believe in dragons according to his faith in science, possibly due to a lack of empirical evidence existing at the time.
  • Although most representations of dragons have been strongly based on Eastern dragons, featuring long serpentine bodies without wings, the actual living dragons have resembled Western dragons.

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