The deer made their first appearance in "Deer Castle". The deer king is larger and is read with no spots, while his subjects are green and have spots. All deer have a special power with their antlers where if they hit them with hammers, they vibrate and cause anything they touch to vibrate. All deer make a vocalization, very much similar to a horse's winny. They are first seen imprisoning humans, and commander ApeTrully and although they do not know it, the Zebra brothers framed the humans and they are the ones knocking down Deer King's stacks of cards.They fight first squad (minusMighty Ray) when Mystique Sonia screams when she sees a Jelly flower. Then, Commander Apetrully reveals to Deer King that the Zebras were knocking over his card stacks, so Deer King uses his mallet to banish the Zebras from Deer Castle very much similar to a golf club. The deer king joins Big Green and halps Mighty Ray clean his room. in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force" in Woo the Wise's Rubik-Like invention, to fight the Black Dragon, Deer King was fused with acouple of Hens, Crocodile King, and Snake King.

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