This article is about the castle. You may be looking for the episode.
Crab Castle
Crab Castle is the home of the crabs in Hidden Kingdom. It is ruled by Crab King.

Surrounding AreaEdit

Crab Castle is located within a large, partially underwater cave which is filled with air. The entrance to this cave is underwater. The castle itself is situated on a sandy plot of land.


The castle is made of grey material, and top with orange and yellow roofs which resemble some sort of sea life. The building has sustained some damage in the form of large holes in the walls.


The crabs once took to burying humans in the sand of the castle's beach. First Squad, the Sailor Brothers, and Sammo Whale came to confront them, and to this end, Lin Chung bested Crab King in a sand sculpting competition.



  • Although Crab Castle is said to be in some sort of cavern, the area is actually well lit for unknown reasons.
    • This is possibly explained by the hole seen in the top of the cave according to the diagram on the map. However, this would contradict the claim that the only entrance to the castle is underwater.

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