The chimeric dragon

The Chimeric Dragon was a fusion of several animals allied with Big Green by means of Woo the Wise's fusion cube. 


The creation of the Chimeric Dragon was the result of several factors. Woo the Wise had previously been working on an invention that could disassemble an organism into cells. His research was sidetracked by a lack of willing test subjects, but when he saw the chimeric animals created by Lin Chung from the shreds of his tattered drawings, he found new inspiration. He created a new invention, a fusion cube, which could disassemble multiple organisms and recreate them as fusion of all of them.

On account of the looming threat of High Roller's Black Dragon, which was poised to attack outside of the base, Big Green's inhabitants had the idea of using the machine to create their own dragon. Although Mighty Ray had already created several fusions, Lin Chung ultimately created the Chimeric Dragon by combining Crocodile King, Deer King, Snake King, and two hens.

The Chimeric Dragon proved capable of quickly overwhelming High Roller's forces, exposing the Black Dragon for the trick that it was, and forcing them into a hasty retreat. After High Roller's forces were brought to the ground, the Chimeric Dragon was disassembled into the original animals.


The Dragon greatly resembled the animals used to make it. It had a long serpentine body, derived from Snake King, as well as Crocodile King's head and Deer King's antlers. Its talons were the hens' feet.


The Chimeric Dragon had at least some of the powers of its constituent animals, such as Crocodile King's sunbeam blasts. It could also fly.


Though never exploited, the Chimeric Dragon presumably shared the weakness of another known fusion: that it could be forced to separate into the original animals if hit with sufficient force.


  • Because the Chimeric Dragon can only be created with Woo's fusion cube, it remains unlikely that the Dragon will appear again, as the cube was destroyed.
  • The fact that the Dragon could fly is somewhat enigmatic, because the only flying animals in it were the hens, who are exceedingly poor fliers. They also fly by means of wings, whereas the dragon had no wings.