Chaotic Energy
Basic Information
First Appearance The Rise of Lin Chung
Known Users Twin Masters

Chaotic Energy, sometimes called Negative Energy is a mysterious malevolent energy characterised by the colors red and blue. It is noted for its destructive capabilities. It is the intrinsic opposite of Harmonic Energy. Chaotic Energy is strongly associated with Twin Masters, though they may not be the only source thereof.


The first known appearance of Chaotic Energy some thousand years ago, during the events of Time to Go Home, by Lin Chung. This happened because he focused his Harmonic Energy through Prince Yang Tu's sword, causing it to unexpectedly split into chaotic energy. This energy came to reside in Yang Tu, allowing him to eventually become Twin Masters. Chaotic Energy was later used extensively during Twin Masters' campaign to end life in Hidden Kingdom.


Chaotic Energy is always shown as being red and blue coloured. Its colours correspond with Twin Masters, who is half red and half blue.


Second to None 294

Twin Masters creating an orb of Chaotic Energy

Chaotic Energy has an extremely diverse range of capabilities. It may be used to create destructive energy blasts, transform organisms, and induce madness. Specific uses that have been seen include:
  • Explosive orbs of Chaotic Energy: bombs capable of immense destruction
  • Mutation: Chaotic Energy can alter organisms, giving them new abilities
  • Energy blasts

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