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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the supposed location.
Chameleon Castle
Season 1, Episode 33
Director: Trevor Wall and Pongo Kuo
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Firework Festival of East Citadel
Bald Eagle Castle

Chameleon castle is episode thirty-three of season one of Hero:108


Commander ApeTrully goes to Chameleon Castle to try and befriend the Chameleons, only to find its all a ruse that the Zebra Brothers and High Roller are behind.


At the start of the episode ,The Tank Army have trouble finding & defeating the Chameleons as thick fog blocks their vision . The Chameleons ambush Apetrully and the tank army , and capture them . First squad are sent to rescue the trapped Big green members , but are too ambushed by the Chameleons and have thier tanks destroyed/stolen . After returning to Big green to get more tanks , Woo the wise is able to tell them how to lift the fog - he gets Sonia to suck all the fog into her tank with her tounge and get rid of it over a cliff . Now able to see thier attackers , First squad easily defeats the Chameleons and the stolen tanks in battle , as Lin Chung rescues Apetrully and the Tank army by distracting the Zebra Brothers and Highroller with skipping ropes . However , it's not long before Highroller realises his mistake , and unleashes his secret weapon - " chameleon castle" is actually Chameleon Queen partly buried underground . She attacks first squad with her massive tongue , but the Tank army manage to fight her off with the Tank/waterwheel structure seen in" cat castle", forcing the Chameleons , the Zebra Brothers , and Highroller to retreat , but utterly demolishing the tanks in the process. 

Trivia Edit

  • The Sky Wheel Tank must've been inspired by the Sorrow Wheel in "Cat Castle", only the tanks facing out instead of in.


  • Lin Chung's shirt is the wrong way around.
  • HighRoller's eyes are reversed in two scenes.

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