Angery Hunters

The Bounty Hunters are two characters who appeared in The Professionals.



Nain appears to be a lion-human hybrid, with a triangular, honey coloured body which resembles a lions mane. He had a dark maroon face with blonde hair, and in the middle of his body is his mouth which appears to be a lions snout, with fangs. He has brown arms and legs and appears to be wearing boots and gloves on his hands and feet.

The snake bounty huntress is emerald green coloured. She has a dome shaped top half of her head, and a larger, hexagon shaped bottom half of her head, where her mouth is. She has short black hair and yellowish eyes with thin pupils like cats eyes. She also appears to be wearing black eye makeup on her eyelids, and has longish black eyelashes. She has pointed fang teeth and a red forked tongue, like a real snake has. She also has really thin arms with flaps of skin underneath them, making her resemble a hooded cobra, and a long body





  • The Snake Bounty huntress is as of yet nameless.