The Black Dragon was a dragon puppet created by High Roller and operated by the bald eagles. It was intended to intimidate Big Green to such a degree as to defeat them without actually requiring a battle.


The Dragon first appeared alonside High Roller, the Zebra brothers, Bearstomp, and four bald eagles in Pitched Battle of the Air Force. The Black Dragon created fear in many of Big Green's denizens, however, Woo the Wise was not scared, due to his disbelief in dragons.
Soon afterward, Woo decided to make a dragon to fight the Black Dragon by means of his fusion cube.  Mighty Ray initially operated the cube and created several combinations, but Lin Chung made the Chimeric Dragon. The Chimeric Dragon fought the Black Dragon, revealing that it was only a puppet controlled by the bald eagles. Its true form was a rather long puppet with a weird face, while an eagle was holding a smoking pot to create a fog.


  • When the denizens of Big Green first saw the dragon, they spoke of it in a way which seemed to indicate having heard of such a beast before, which possibly indicates that the Black Dragon appears in the legends and mythology of Hidden Kingdom.
    • While convinced that the dragon was real, several of Big Green's heroes mentioned "dark fire" in relation to it. Dark Fire is also notable in relation to the Sword of Dark Fire, perhaps suggesting that the two are mythologically connected. However, this may only be coincidental.

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