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The bird is the unofficial name of a small bird that helped Lin Chung to paint in Elephant Castle.


The bird is very small, with a pale, round body. It has thin legs and short wings with a few visible feathers. It has a small beak and tiny beady eyes.


While Lin Chung was attempting to draw a beautiful tree that he had encountered on his way to Elephant Castle, he encountered the bird splashing in his ink. Although he had been frustrated by his numerous failures to capture the beauty of the tree, he noticed that the bird's footprints were shaped like the tree's leaves. He then got the idea to dip the bird's feet in his ink, and use it like a stamp to sucessfully paint a picture of the tree, a plan which the bird accepted willingly. After being used, the bird fainted and gave a long and painful fart.

Snapshot - 30
Basic Information

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