The Big Green Navy is the force of Big Green that deals with ocean and water battles/troubles. They are sometimes even more powerful than the Tank Army.


  • The Sailor Brothers: The green skinned members of the Navy. They lead the navy in battle. There are three of them and, ironically, they are identical brothers. They also tend to ride in the building on Sammo Whale's back. They also toss life rings to save drowning Humans lives.
  • Lady Green: She is currently the only female member of the navy. She usually dives down on underwater missions by herself, though she sometimes is followed by the navy in case a fierce battle brews. She isn't seen very often.
  • The Sea Kings: Shark King, Stingray King, Blowfish King, Octopus King and other aquatic kings and their armies are also part of Big Green's Naval force. They sometimes help to get Sammo ready for departure, such as Shark king and his army, who cleans Sammo of barnacles. They sometimes also accompany First Squad across the seas to make peace.
  • Sammo Whale: Sometimes just called Sammo, this giant whale is the most powerful weapon in the navy. He is the largest member of the navy, and also the largest member of Big Green ever, perhaps larger than Chameleon Queen. He is outfitted with a belt that has cannons all over it, which one of the Sailor Brothers control, along with the navy soldiers. He acts as a living submarine to the navy. After he was kicked out by the other whales due to being "chicken hearted", he joined Big Green. Though he proved his former soldiers wrong when he attacked them himself, by slamming headfirst into them. The only evidence he may have been Whale king is that he is the only blue whale ever seen, and he is more than twice as big as one of the whales in High Roller's navy.

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