The Air Force

The Big Green Air Force is Big Green's team in charge of aerial recon and combat.  They wear white uniforms with caps that contain enormous black afros.  They use these afros to reduce speed and to break their falls.  They are known for use of the Grape Seed Ability.


Official MembersEdit

  • Master Chou: Leader of Big Green's Air Force. He rides on the same plane as Burly.
  • Rosefinch: Female member of Big Green's Air Force.  She is most commonly seen alone and is often the first to encounter new threats, meaning she may be the team's scout. She has also been known to issue orders in Master Chou's absence, possibly suggesting that she is second-in-command as well.
  • Burly: The biggest member of Big Green's Air Force. He usually pulls together the planes for a combined attack which makes his eyes bulge out.
  • Mano: The member of Big Green's Air Force with an eyepatch.  He rarely speaks.

Honorary MembersEdit

  • Lin Chung:  Though technically not a member of the Air Force, Lin Chung is the only member of First Squad to pass the Air Force test.  He rides on Rosefinch's plane.

Animal AlliesEdit

  • Bats:  The bats sit on the the planes facing the pilots, who use their mind-reading abilities to aid in attacks.
  • Hens:  The hens cling to both wings of the planes facing backward, so that they can use their egg blasts.


  • There is an unknown number of additional members of the Air Force who often appear in crowds.  One additional member of the Air Force, seen in the episode The Sword of Dark Fire, was seen riding with Jumpy Ghostface on the way to the Sword's Chamber.


  • 70s style music can be heard when the Air Force members remove their caps to release their afros.

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