Big Baby Turtles Part I
Season 2, Episode 10
Big Baby Turtles 192
Production Code: 206
Airdate: May 11, 2012
Director: Trevor Wall, Pongo Kuo
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Nicole Dubuc
Star-Nosed Moles
Big Baby Turtles Part II

Big Baby Turtles Part I is episode ten of season two of Hero: 108, and episode sixty-two overall. It is the first in a two part episode, alongside Big Baby Turtles Part II.


First Squad fail to retrieve the Owl amulet from the Zebra Brothers after their turtles get tired. First Squad decide to give the Turtles a vacation, but they run away from Big Green, while the owls proceed to rampage in anger over their lost amulet.


  • First appearance of the Armadillos.
  • This is the second time Kowloon has tried to take a place in First Squad, after The Rise of Lin Chung.
  • This is the first time the turtles have abandoned Big Green.
  • The dialogue between Mighty Ray, Kowloon, and Apetrully when Kowloon took Mighty Ray's place rhymes.
  • Although only First Squad's turtles are seen to leave, and despite several occasions on which numerous auxiliary turtles have appeared, the loss of a few turtles is treated like the loss of all of them.


  • "Guess again, Turtle Boy!"~ Kowloon
  • "You're just too Green for this mission!"~ Kowloon
  • "I guess being a turtle isn't all bad"~ Mighty Ray
  • (After he has picked Mighty Ray up out of the way of the owls shooting pellets) "I think the owls beat you to it!"~ Lin Chung


  • Sonia's tongue does not line up with her mouth
  • Two ApeTrullys and four rotors
  • The Zebras overlap incorrectly
  • The Zebras overlap incorrectly
  • In one scene, Sonia's tongue does not line up with her mouth.
  • Mighty Ray's eyelids briefly turn yellow like his eyes.
  • The way the turtles are lined up changes orders when the camera shifts.
  • In one scene, an owl flies from behind another and appears in front of it, appearing to fly through it.
  • ApeTrully's helicopter gains two extra rotors in one scene.
  • As the helicopter begins to crash, to ApeTrullys are visible in its cockpit.
  • When HighRoller demonstrates the Owl Amulet to Twin Masters, it shifts from red to blue repeatedly, something it had not done in any other scene.
  • When the zebras appear from a side view, the zebras are overlapping incorrectly.
  • When HighRoller meets the turtles, the edge of a shell that does not belong to any of the four others is visible moving behind the lead turtle, indicating a sixth turtle.


  • The Owl Amulet is used to mutate the turtles, and Twin Masters even enhances it with Chaotic Power. However, Twin Masters in later episodes mutates and corrupts many creatures to his will, making it unclear why he needed to do this.
  • The animals that auditioned to substitute the turtles were Elephant King, Pig King and Porcupine King.


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