Bell Tower

The Bell Tower, prior to its destruction

The Bell Tower was an historic landmark in Hidden Kingdom, though it is currently in ruins.  It was a large building with an elaborate roof, supported by four massive columns.  Inside it was a single huge grey bell, along with a large collection of smaller bells.  These bells were suspended by long cords that dangled fom the ceiling.   It appeared to be very old, as it had numerous cracks and fractures, and was vulnerable to even to the smallest kick.  Even High Roller had some respect and concern for it; he would not initially allow the Zebra brothers to destroy it.  This, however, changed when he had been defeated in combat by Big Green, when he destroyed the tower in a fit of rage.  The bells were then scavenged to be used as armor for the Chameleon tanks, the largest bell being used as Chameleon Queen's armour.


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