Bald Eagle Castle
Season 1, Episode 34
3 Bald Eagles
Director: Trevor wall and Pongo Kuo
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Chameleon Castle
Crab Castle

Bald Eagle Castle is episode thirty-fourth of season one of Hero:108.


The eagles, now bald following the events of The Air Battle, seek revenge on Big Green by abducting Commander ApeTrully.


  • Second appearance of the Bald Eagles, after the "Air Battle".

Notes Edit

  • The Bald eagles become the Ostriches close to the end of this episode.


  • "Rosefinch, will you kiss my eyeballs better?"~ Burly
  • "Master Chou!"~ Rosefinch
  • (Disgusted, in response to Burly's question) "No"~ Rosefinch
  • "No. You'll hurt them if you pull them out. ~ Rosefinch
  • "We'll have to dig them out." ~ Rosefinch

Gallery Edit

Rosefinch and Mano2


  • Mano's eyepatch on the wrong side, and his eye has no white to it.
    Rosefinch - We'll have to dig them up

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