Big Baby Turtles 273
Basic Information
Armadillos are a race of animals living in Hidden Kingdom. They reside at Armadillo Castle under the rule of Armadillo King.


In Big Baby Turtles - Part I / Big Baby Turtles - Part II, Commander ApeTrully called on his old friend and fellow student of Parrot KingArmadillo King, to help him supply mounts for First Squad.  Armadillo King and four other armadillos volunteered, but their showoffish, unrestrained, and tempermental natures made them difficult for First Squad to handle.  They were, however, faster, but their devotion to warrior tactics brought First Squad trouble when they tried to make peace with the owls. 

The armadillos were later given a training exercise, with calabash dummies as riders.  The armadillos finished quickly, but utterly destroyed their dummies in the process, weakening First Squad's trust in them.

The armadillos' speed would then prove useful, however, when First Squad went to confront their turtles, mutated by the owls' stolen amulet.  When the turtles had been cured, the armadillos took their leave, taking the turtles' treads with them.

Notable Armadillos

Armadillo Warriors

Armadillo King

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