Helicopter over Groundhog Castle02

This helicopter is a vehicle belonging to Commander ApeTrully. It is one of his chief modes of transportation, and he brings it on many missions.


The helicopter is composed of a central body, which appears to be a calabash gourd, with a rotor mounted on top of it and short legs on the underside. A horizontal slit is cut into the front to allow a pilot to see out, and the tail can flip out a staircase to facilitate exiting and entering.

The aircraft flies via the spinning of its rotors, which appear to be propelled by two flies affixed to them. A retractable loudspeaker is also stored inside.


  • It appears that the helicopter can start on its own, as its rotors have been known to begin spinning while occupents were still climbing in, such as in Baboon Castle. This may be due to the flies noticing that others intend to use the helicopter.

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