Ant Queen

Back view of Ant Queen

Ant Queen is the ruler of a certain nest of ants. She first appeared in Teammates.


Ant Queen was the leader of an unassuming ant colony until Twin Masters came upon it, and used his Chaotic Energy to mutate and enlarge the ants. He intended to use the ants to dig down the molten core of the planet, but the plan was discovered by Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia, and Yaksha. They were captured by ant soldiers and brought to Ant Queen, who sentenced them to be thrown in molten magma. They escaped, but were again discovered by Ant Queen and her warriors. Ant Queen attempted to attack Sonia while she was pinned under a rock, but was in turn clobbered by Mighty Ray. As Mighty Ray, Sonia and Yaksha made their escape, Ant Queen and her warriors pursued them, attacking them, but also seeking to escape the lava themselves. They were cured by Lin Chung's Harmonic Energy. Ant Queen then worked alongide First Squad and the other ants to seal up the tunnel so the the lava could not destroy Hidden Kingdom. It is unclear whether she joined Big Green after this point, as she was not seen again.


Ant Queen is hard-working and industrious, much like the other ants. She was unforgiving toward trespassers, though she was under the effect of Chaotic Energy at the time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She was very strong, and was able to lift object significantly heavier than she was. While in her mutant form, she grasped an orb between her antennae which could project blasts of green energy.



  • Ant Queen is distinguishable by her wings, a trait which only ant queens and drones possess. However, whereas real-world ant queens do little but lay eggs, she was highly mobile.

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