The alpacas are a race of animals inhabiting Hidden Kingdom. They make their home on Mt. Tima, the highest peak in Hidden Kingdom. They are somewhat affiliated with Big Green, and an alpaca is one of the heroes thereof.

Alpaca King

Back view of Alpaca King


When Twin Masters created a chaos storm in The Eyes of Mighty Ray Part II using Mighty Ray's eyeballs, he corrupted some alpacas to fend off First Squad. However, First Squad managed to calm and befriend the alpacas after a brief battle.

Later, an alpaca joined in forming the Bronze Giant in The Bronze Giant Part II.


  • It is unclear if the spiky secondary form taken by the alpacas was caused by Chaotic Energy or if it is a natural power of the alpacas. Although mutations are common under Chaotic Energy's influence, the alpaca that joined Big Green was seen in this form later on. Additionally, the alpacas left this state simply by being calmed, whereas mutations due to Chaotic Energy have typically required Harmonic Energy to cure.


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