The Lizard King 068
The 4D Visual Component Enhancer is an invention of Woo the Wise. Resembling a camera, it is intended to "record objects in 4D for more realism." The device itself appears to consist of a cylindrical scope, which may be used independently of the stand. The scope can then photograph several times and automatically make prints afterward. Evidently, it adds touch-ups to them, such as backgrounds that did not originally exist. For reasons unknown, it also creates a green shadow behind things that it photographs. Lizard King used it to photograph First Squad, save for Lin Chung, and Commander ApeTrully. Afterward, he used it again, this time focusing through it the energy that he produces from his frill, causing them to be frozen.


  • It is never specified what "4D" is intended to mean in this instance. The photographs themselves are still two dimensional.
    • Time is sometimes considered as a fourth dimension in addition to the three of space. It is possible that the machine actually records three dimensional objects over a short period of time, even if it can only create two dimensional photographs.

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