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The 12 Eyed Striped Dumbat is one of several fused forms of High Roller, Bearstomp, the Zebra brothers, and half a dozen eagles. It was created by Mighty Ray with Woo the Wise's fusion devise, but went rogue and required the combined efforts of First Squad and the Air Force to defeat.  Its first and only appearance was in Pitched Battle of the Air Force.


When High Roller's Black Dragon plot failed and his forces were defeated by Big Green's own Chimeric Dragon, his troops were quickly grounded and captured. Mighty Ray, however, seized the comedic opportunity and began fusing the defeated army into a variety of forms with comical names, much to the amusement of Big Green's troops. He created the "Toothy Zibronocub," and the "Fanged Eaglebear" without issue, but his last creation, dubbed the "12 Eyed Striped Dumbat," proved to be an airborne behemoth dominated by High Roller's mind that broke free and swallowed the fusion device such that it need not lose its powerful body. It then grabbed Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray, and Jumpy Ghostface and escaped into the air.

Battle and DefeatEdit

At this time Commander ApeTrully called the Air Force to help, and Lin Chung joined them, while at the same time, the captive members of First Squad began to escape. However, the Dumbat also demonstrated the ability to use the grape seed ability, giving it enhanced offensive capabilities. Even when the Air Force gained the upper hand, the Bearstomp head blew an enormous snot bubble as a shield to protect the Dumbat. The crossbow attack initially proved ineffective. Lin Chung then proposed that he would stand on the plane as it was thrown, using his staff attack to augment the strike. He managed to pop the bubble in this manner and, with the force of the blow, shattered the Dumbat into its constituents.


  • The zebra heads have manes shaped like axe-heads. The reason for this is unknown, though it happened once before in Scorpion Castle.
  • Despite its name, the 12 Eyed Striped Dumbat has more than twelve eyes.
12 Eyed Striped Dumbat
Snapshot - 34
Basic Information
Species Fusion
Fusion of Eagles

Eagle King Bearstomp Zebra Brothers Sparky Black Sparky White High Roller

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